Clinton Hill Apartment
Brooklyn, NY
Completed 2010

It is a typical situation: first-time buyers of a small Brooklyn apartment in need of a gut renovation spend almost all their savings on the down payment and hence need to do an extremely economical renovation.
In addition to the limited budget the design challenge was to increase the living space by creating an open plan and improving functionality of the spaces, with built-in furniture and adequate storage.
Careful attention was given to the use of sustainable design strategies and materials in order to minimize environmental impact.

Apart from using salvaged materials and simple Do-It-Yourself detailing, the biggest impact on design and cost was achieved through a strategy that could best be described as ‚ÄúPimp my Ikea‚ÄĚ: the Swedish furniture company‚Äôs mass-produced, inexpensive products were used in unintended ways and altered with simple, at times almost surgical interventions to create highly customized designs that respond to the unique spatial, practical and aesthetic concerns of the overall project.


View of Kitchen & Living Room